Friday, 7 July 2017

Bru 8-10 weeks and Banbury Rally

Bru has settled in so well and has had a lot of adventures since he arrived here with us. My Mum has been staying so he loved hanging out with Nana! I have made a video of his first two weeks with us :-)

The older dogs have been very good with Bru, Brooke absolutely adores him, Brodie and Brax are indifferent and Sparkles nose is a bit out of joint as she isn't the baby anymore!

Brodie, Brooke and Spark went to Rally at Banbury at the weekend. It was Brookes first Level 3 and she was amazing getting a score of 203 and coming 2nd!!

 Spark was brilliant in her first Level 4 and got an 'excellent' score of 196 and came 7th (placed to 6th) just behind Toad. He scored 198 so ow only needs one more qualifying score to go to Level 5!

Its been really hot this week so the doglets have spent most of the time sprawled out!

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