Monday, 4 December 2017

Time flies!! :-)

I can't believe I have been so slack updating my blog! My excuse is that we have been away on holiday to the Lake District and been hectic with work. Spark has had her season and her agility holiday and is back again and Brooke has had her spay and is just starting back after having 8 weeks off doing gradual fitness work. Brodie has been injured after being bitten by another dog and unfortunately didn't run well at the Grand Finals but is hopefully fixed now! Bru is now 7 months and loves learning new things (see video below!) Brax is doing really well, hating the cold but coping so far! Here is photo spam from our holidays, it was lovely to see my Mum and sister while we were away!

Bru has started doing hoopers work to encourage him to drive round a circle and look for the next 'obstacle', he is also loving doing some tunnels! This is a little video of his progress

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