Monday, 11 May 2020

Lockdown Day 49 - Cake!

I have been thoroughly spoiled today! Started with brekkie in bed and a lie in, Mr Toad got to come on the bed for snuggles as he has to go in the garden earlier than the others and get fed or his pancreatitis flares up. He loves coming on the bed for a cuddle! It was quite chilly today so we did a short walk first thing and then had a second breakfast (hobbits 😂) Also played the longest game of top trumps known to man which I finally managed to win!! I caught up with my Mum, sister and Dad on the phone which was lovely and a couple of lovely friends dropped presents off (while respecting social distancing!) I had so many nice pressi's and cards and feel so lucky!

I also had an unexpected visitor in the form of my very talented, lovely cake making friend and client who came round with a beautiful cake!! I have tried to do it justice in the photos as there is so much detail!

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