Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Lockdown Day 57 - HOT!

The temperature has soared here over the last day and it was shorts and t-shirt weather today, I even managed to burn the back of my legs which I found out when I got home from work and Brodie decided to scratch down my legs when he said hello! 😖

As I'm back at work full tie this week my blogging might get more sporadic for which I apologise. The only way my day is being changed due to the virus is that the toilets at the garden centre aren't open so I have to schedule in going home for a lunchtime wee!! Yesterday I did a couple of lovely walks at lunchtime, a fields walk with Bean and Toad and a forest walk with Spark. Bru went for a walk with Matt as we do like solo walkies for the younger two to do some toy play in different places.

Goofy Sparkler!

There was a dogs on logs theme for this photos but I love all the gnarly trees!

Mr and Mrs!

They saw a cat!!

More dahlias have come out, I love this colour!

And our pretty rose is coming out!

Tired doglets! If they look like this today then goodness knows what they will look like tomorrow as they have a lesson with Uncle Dan and they will be wild!!

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