Sunday, 10 May 2020

Lockdown Day 48 - Boris

So the big speech we have all been waiting for was this evening which is why my blog is late! My phone went mad with people asking if I was teaching and to be honest its about as clear as mud!! Me and one of my clients and fellow trainers thought it would be fine as apparently we should work if we can and people can drive to exercise so clients could come to us. Well then we made the mistake of going on Agilitynet on Facebook (also known as Agro-net!!) and so many people were saying its not possible for trainers to start working again, even in a 1-1 outdoor setting! So watch this space as they have a 50 page document to publish tomorrow! This sums it up really well 😂

The government also have a new message that is 'Stay alert' instead of 'stay at home' It seems a really weird choice of words, its a virus not a mugger! Scotland and Wales are both still in lockdown and although they are now allowed to exercise twice a day they can't do non essential travel. 

We have had a lazy day here, it was super chilly compared to yesterday so we spent most of the day inside and did some dog grooming, tidying, eating cake and watching TV! This is my latest pumpkin cake, I still can't get a true photo of how orange it is!!

Bru doing puppy dog eyes and asking to come up on the sofa!

Toad is not a sofa snuggler but he loves his bed next to my seat!

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