Friday, 29 May 2020

Lockdown Day 67 - Cookies

Since going back to work I have really missed baking! Matt is currently out braving the shops so I decided to make molasses cookies (well they are black treacle and ginger!) I made them a while back and they were so good that I thought I'd blow the rest of my flour on making some more!

We have had a nice couple of days, on Wednesday we had a lesson with Dan and the doglets worked so hard. I think we did as well! Bru did cracking contacts and jump skills, he just had a brain fart about one tunnel and Spark struggled with the start as I was trying to get ahead for the push round!

On Wednesday evening we had a takeaway and met up with Wendy, it was the first take away we had had for over two months! The shelties walked to the chip shop and Spark got to sit with us while we ate.

Share please?!

Yesterday we had a leisurely morning starting with poached eggs on waffles done in the toaster! Then we went for a nice long walk, we discovered a couple of new fields that were huge and had a path round the edge of them. To get there we only need to cross one road so its a lovely long off lead walk with some big hills...good for all of our fitness!

Lots of happy faces! They were on lead as the road was behind me but we walked round the fields behind the doglets as far as you can see to the tree line. It was very warm though! And it was fields all the way home, Spark still had the energy to go crop surfing 😂 Brodie stays on lead a lot now as he gets sniffing things and left behind and we have to go back and get him!

Thirsty work! 

Yesterday evening we did the last clap for carers (week 10) and did a Zoom quiz with my Mum, Amy and Wendy which was fun despite a few technical hitches! 

And a few garden pics! We have pulled up the spinach beet in the last pic and sowed some more. Our rose is looking lovely! 

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