Sunday, 17 May 2020

Lockdown Day 55 - Caterpillar

We had a random moment on one of our walks today...Matt found a caterpillar dangling in seemingly mid air! The trees above it were so high up that it was hard to imagine it had come from one of those. I had to film it as it was really hard to describe. Fair play to Matt as it was tricky to spot!

We went for a walk with Matts Mum and Dad this morning to the common and had a coffee (all socially distanced of course!) Brodie and Bru got to come with us and were very well behaved, especially given the amount of birds and cyclists which are Brodies two fav things to chase!!

Bru also got to practice his 'be a bear' trick which has taken him ages to suss out but he has pretty much got now! 

The courgette flower has properly come out today and its right next to the runner beans, they look so pretty! The sunflower at the back is shooting up as well with all the lovely weather we have been having!

It was too hot in the sun for a cuppa today so we sat in the shade!

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