Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Lockdown Day 50 - Work

So today I did an afternoon of teaching! It was lovely being back at work and I felt it was safe enough given that we stayed 2m apart at all times and I have rules about what other people and I could touch. It was tricky not saying hi to peoples dogs though, I felt very mean! I'm not officially back yet as I need to sort my diary out and find slots for everyone and admin takes ages, especially when people don't reply to you straight away...I can't then offer the slot to someone else until I hear back. I loved seeing people again but have a sore throat from all the talking, I forgot how much I love teaching but also how much talking it takes!!

I did some cavaletti in the garden with the three younger doglets with varying success! Brooke is hopeless at it and mixes up jumping and doing ridiculous trot strides 😂 Bru is a natural at it and Spark is usually brilliant but was having a paddy about going away from the camera as the duck next door was flapping and it freaks her out...collies!

Here are a few pics from the garden this morning, firstly a naughty pigeon!

Flowers coming out now

And runner beans!

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