Monday, 4 May 2020

Lockdown Day 42 - Field needs a haircut!

We have heard that Boris will be making an announcement about relaxing the lockdown next Sunday (10th May) which seems a bit useless if people are allowed to start work on the Monday! Why not do it this Thursday as Friday is a bank holiday here for VE day? That way we would be able to sort out booking some people in for the week after....grrr!

We went to my field today to do a bit of sorting out and book it in for a much needed haircut! There are no jumps there at the moment as they are out the front and in the garden, the weaves and tunnels are too hidden in the grass so we decided to work on some dogwalks with Bru and Spark...their turns are coming on nicely! Just goes to show all their playing on the mat in the garden has worked, for those not in the know they have to touch a target mat on the end of the dog walk, you can just about see it strapped on in this video of Spark

We also watched the newest Star Wars this morning...may the fourth be with you!! And have done some pottering round the garden. The weather forecast looks so lovely this week that we have taken a gamble and planted out some of our tomatoes into grow bags. They look so little!!

Little tomatoes that we hope will grow big and strong! 

My first petunia to flower...yes I know its weird to have a black one but its almost velvet in real life and really deep purple!

My growing collection of pots, all free from various driveways in the village and we inherited the terracotta ones when we moved in!

Matt planting out some more Chard!

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