Sunday, 24 May 2020

Lockdown Day 62 - Idiots

I rarely get very wound up by things in the news but over the past couple of days its come to light that Dominic Cummings (aide to PM Boris Johnson) travelled up to Durham during lockdown despite his wife having symptoms of Covid-19 as they were worried about who would care for their child! The government have defended him and said he hasn't broken any rules and was going on instinct...imagine if we had all ignore the stay and home and self isolate rule and gone driving round the country?! Understandably a lot of people are furious about it! I try not to be political on my blog but it shows such a lack of respect for all the people who have obeyed the lockdown and stayed put 😠

I needed to get that off my chest! Today has been a lazy day mostly spent walking and in the garden doing odd jobs. The weather has been nicer but still windy! Fence panels hanging in there so far...fingers crossed!

The pond is manky but the flowers are so pretty!

Sparkle in her fav spot!

Bean taking the chance to have a roll around in the grass and Toad always on standby to help!

First green courgette! And today we worked out that Runner Beans prefer to grow anticlockwise!

Chilled shelties!

Bean got to wear the rainbow harness on our walks today! 

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