Saturday, 16 May 2020

Lockdown Day 54 - Zooming!

Yesterday evening we had a really peaceful evening walk and hardly saw anyone else! It was warm as well so we were out for about an hour as we have unlimited exercise now!

In the evening we were taking part in a zoom quiz with Matts family (having already quizzed with friends on Tuesday and virtually on Thursday with my Mum and Amy we were feeling our brain cells were limbered up!) It was so lovely to see everyone and Alice and Matt did a brilliant job of hosting the quiz, they looked so smart! Matt and I managed to win and the prize was one of Alices tray bakes...she is fantastic at baking so we are very happy!! 😁

Today started with Toad coming on the bed for a snuggle, he is so sweet!

We have been in the garden a fair bit doing some weeding and planting out our next batch of runner beans. Sadly we think that some of our beans and courgettes got a bit frost damaged so we are hoping that they will be ok. One of our courgettes has a flower growing though!

Trying to sort through everything we are growing!

First courgette flower!

Sheltie boys watching me weeding!

And Sparkly having a cuddle!

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