Saturday, 2 May 2020

Lockdown Day 40 - Bad Blogger!

So I missed my first blog update yesterday...oops! Also we have reached the milestone of 40 days in Lockdown. There is sadly still 700 plus deaths per day from the virus but there is more of a general feeling of optimism that the lockdown will be eased a bit soon. The 6 weeks are up on Thursday May 7th so we are all waiting to find out whether we will be able to return to work. I think I will be ok as I only teach private lessons and I can stand 2m apart from my clients luckily!

We have been busy in the garden today as the weather has finally turned nice again and the sun appeared! We have planted out some of our sunflowers and courgettes 🌻 while the dogs mooched around and slept. I managed to buy some plants from the garden centre yesterday and am so excited that I got lots of pretty Petunias, Dahlias and some mint! Thanks to my lovely Mum in law Wendy as they are a birthday present, no photos yet as they aren't flowering but will take some when they do!

Sparkle and Bru did some tunnel training as well, we only have a 1m tunnel at home but it is enough to do a few exercises with. Here are some clips!

First sunflower being planted!

First courgettes planted, two yellow and two green!

Time for a Bru and a brew! 😂

This is the only pic I took yesterday on our soggy and sunny walk

I wasn't happy with how Toad was doing so I contacted our great vet physio and she has given me some things to try. He has exercises but also is to be biomaged 2-3 times a day...not his favourite thing!! 

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