Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Lockdown Day 51 - Tyre

I did a couple of lessons this morning and then had a play with Brooke Bean at the field while Mr Toad pottered around...he actually tried to join in the with the agility at one point so he ended up being tied up and I let him do a tunnel to make it up to him! I was trying out my cool new tripod that my friend got me for my birthday!

When I got back from work I got out of the van and heard a loud hissing noise...unfortunately I had driven over some metal and my tyre deflated to as flat as a pancake :-( Brodie had a hair appointment booked this afternoon so luckily I could take Matts car as he is still working from home. Toad loved seeing his Auntie Jenni and smells so much better now!!

As the older two had come to work with me I walked the younger two at lunchtime, they had a great time on the fields! 

This evening we have had a very lazy time and all cuddled up on the sofa except for Bru who gets too hot! Last night we played a quiz hosted by my friends and there was seven of us taking part, it was great fun and all credit to Nicola for setting our specialist subjects which were very wide ranging!! 😂

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