Saturday, 23 May 2020

Lockdown Day 61 - Windy

The last couple of days have passed in a bit of a whirlwind and wind seems appropriate as it has been so gusty over the last 48 hours! Luckily our fence posts have stayed upright but its been a bit of a worry as we have no spares now! We also had the first bit of rain for over a week which saved some watering.

We had a great time on Thursday evening doing Jays virtual pub quiz via Zoom with my Mum and Amy...see you next week ladies (and Pudding! 😂) On Friday night we had a Zoom chat with Amy, my Dad and Lesley and it was lovely to catch up. This evening we had our weekly quiz with friends so ours brains feel well limbered up haha!

Matt managed to mow the grass on Thursday evening while I did some weeding...with my cheeky helpers!

Friday morning I decided to bake some cookies before going to work, the recipe made an enormous batch and I didn't expect them to be so huge!

Cuddle time!

Friday night has turned into long walk evening as the weather always seems really nice

Today we went for a very windy walk to the common with Wendy for a coffee, the shelties almost blew away! 

On the way home we went to my field to do some training, unfortunately it was a bit windy to do full dog walks with Bru but we did some turns training. He was a good puppy! 

Spark did some full dog walks, I haven't edited her video yet but I'm thrilled with her turns 💜

 Our little bushes from the front are looking really sad :-( They aren't pot bound and we have watered them a fair bit but they aren't happy. I have given them a trim to see if that helps! 

Our rose is so pretty now, I can't resist taking more photos of it! 

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