Sunday, 3 May 2020

Lockdown Day 41 - Lazy day!

Just listening to the news and they are talking about trialling an app on the Isle of Wight to trace the contacts of people with symptoms. Not sure how successful it will be but its worked really well in Korea to stop Covid-19 spreading. We enter our 7th week of lockdown tomorrow so the government are going to have to do something soon!

We had a wonderfully lazy day today! As we are both off work for the next week we have treated ourselves to a cinema pass on Now Tv and today we watched the new Lion King film. It was very good but probably not quite as good as the original! The doglets enjoyed watching it as well!

We had a nice walk in the local woods, didn't see anyone as it was a bit grey and overcast but peaceful is good! The bluebells are going over now but there were still patches of them in places.

In the afternoon I had a lovely catch up with my sister and Mum (Happy Birthday Amy! 😘) we planted out the rest of our runner beans and courgettes and I planted some dahlias and petunias...obviously the dogs got involved! 

And for anyone needing a giggle here is Miss Sparkalina doing some scentwork. Please excuse my rambling! One pot has cloves in it and one is empty. Her nose touch indication is quite dramatic in typical Sparkle style!

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