Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Lockdown Day 71 - Paddling

Forgot to post this last week but it was so much fun setting up a jumping course and running the doglets round...look how close Bru and Spark were round the same course!!

I remembered to take my little pool home from the field as it needed a clean anyway and my two doglets were straight in it yesterday! Both had been snorkelling so have wet noses!

Our peony has started to flower and looks very pretty!  

Matt dug this up from under our hollyhock, it is a horse chestnut which is weird as there are none round us at all!

Today was so hot that we had a shady walk in the woods, so lucky that these woods are only behind the house. It wasn't a long walk but Spark enjoyed mooching around

And Brooke bean on the fields, she is so pretty!  

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