Saturday, 13 June 2020

Lockdown Day 82 - Party

We are off to a party today! We have been doing a weekly quiz with friends on a video chat and we have arranged to meet up and do some hoopers, have a in person quiz and a take away 😁 Looking forward to it as it will be a bit like going to a show! I will get some photos and video hopefully.

I had Brooke with me yesterday and did some distance agility work, she is actually much better with me working her from behind as she tends to rush and take off even earlier if she is chasing us! Here is the video of her distance work. You can see she isn't so brave driving off after the flick away after the aframe, its those little head flicks and extra strides that waste time!

And Bru having a crack at the distance work...sooooo pleased with his weaves! You can't see from the comparison video but he starts on the same wind wrap before the aframe. Like many young dogs my movement gives him confidence so I want him to learn that he can go the same speed even if I'm not moving!

It won't let me upload photos today for some reason so I'll put the on soon!

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