Thursday, 25 June 2020

Lockdown Day 94 - BAC Reserve Champion!

The results were out for the British Agility Championships online competition yesterday, turns out Sparkle is Reserve Champion in medium!! 💜 I'm so proud of her as it was at BAC a couple of years ago that she won one of the rounds, made the final but bolted out of the ring with fear due to a very unhelpful photographer. Since then we have gone back to the venue and she hates it there so I wouldn't compete her there again so I have always felt that we had unfinished business with BAC! So Spark won the agility round and came 4th in the jumping round. Bru came 2nd in the jumping round and 4th in agility and finished 4th in the Final which is amazing for such a young dog! Only the top ten make it to the final 😀

Talking of shows I am one week into my slow motion show at J9 agility! I have loved watching some stunning runs and seeing how the handlers tackle the pressure of trying to run a course clear. I'm so proud as a trainer to watch them get their first clear round or see the young dogs get their weaves in the course! There has been a lot of virtual high fives!!! I have some pretty rosettes to give out after the two weeks is up 😁

 The most recent coronavirus update means that from the 4th July pubs, cafes, cinemas etc will be able to open with 1m plus social distancing in place. Weirdly we still can't train outside in groups of more than 6! So no 'normal' shows are going to be happening any time soon. Football has started up again with the players being tested twice a week as routine. I have been doing Fantasy Premier League for a couple of years now and I am currently 281,000 in the world out of 7 million plus players. Its hard at the moment as not sure about players form, who will play and how fit they are plus there are no crowds allowed to watch which must affect the players a bit? Anyway, enough about football!

I have missed baking so the last couple of weeks I have made ginger biscuits and flapjacks. The ginger biscuits are enormous!!

It has been so hot here this week that I have been starting work really early and finishing by lunchtime. Yesterday the doglets did some free work in the garden in the shade to keep their brains busy.

Its funny having a temperature on the van, 32 degrees is crazy hot!

 We went out for an hours walk at 8pm last night and it was lovely with a little breeze. The doglets were so happy!

Brackens beautiful rose has really come out now and is so pretty

Courgettes for dinner!

And our first beans ready to eat!

Today we spent lunchtime outside paddling!

Lettuce from the garden

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