Thursday, 4 June 2020

Lockdown Day 73 - Bank

Today was the first time I've been to the bank for months, it was weird being back in town again. Most of the shops are shut and the banks all have queues outside with markings on the pavements. Luckily the doglets could come into the bank with me so they enjoyed watching the world go by while we waited to go in. The lockdown measures have eased a bit but the death toll in the last 24 hours was still 113 people sadly. We are the country with the second highest death toll after the USA which is worrying. Sorry for being a bit morbid but I feel its important to remember that this pandemic is far from over despite life getting back to some sort of normal for many of us.

Waiting to get into the bank. Once we were in there was hand gel at the money paying in machines and a one way system to steer clear of other people.

After the stress of going to the bank I got lunch from the Hatch which is a lovely take away coffee place, Halloumi, avocado and chilli jam muffin with a latte! What a treat!

Spark was sulking as I left her at home today...she was having a bad tail day!! 😂

Bean and Toad spent the day with me, I am trying to get them used to being in the van again while I work now its a bit cooler. We walked up to the showground field and found that the grass was cut which was nice. 

Yesterday I took the shelties to play hoopers at the other field, they had a blast! Toad hadn't played for a while as I was worried he was sore at one point during lockdown but he seems a lot better and was running so well. I kept it really easy for him and he was shattered afterwards!

And we got our prize from Matts cousin Alice for winning the quiz she held via zoom, it tastes amazing!! 

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