Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Lockdown Day 86 - Firsts!

So today shops are opening again for the first time in three months! I was in town today and met a friend for a toastie and walk and it was almost back to normal with how busy it was (despite a massive downpour!) This is a long post so I apologise! 

We had a great time on Saturday socially distancing with friends and doing some hoopers and having a take away. Here is Toad in action on the hoopers course (turn volume down as his sheltie friends and family were cheering him on!) He had such a brilliant time! 

Brooke had a run round with Matthew and was brilliant! She really is getting some confidence finding the hoops

Bru had been to a workshop with Dalton in the morning. I usually go along and film but with the current covid restrictions there were no spectators allowed so I was thrilled to be sent a video of what they did!

We entered Spark and Bru in the British Agility Champs online competition back when we were off for the week and ran the jumping then. We get the results tomorrow and see whether we are in the final but this is Sparks agility round, I was really pleased with how she did as its a while since we have run whole courses!

And here are a bunch of random photos! One of my lovely clients gave me these paddling pools and the doglets have loved dipping their feet in! 

These pics are from last week when it rained for a couple of days...the doglets were very disgruntled about wearing coats again!

We had our first courgette!! It was very tasty and we have a lot more almost ready to eat. I have dug out my courgette cake recipe for when we have loads of them!

Our first sunflower!

First runner beans!

Our first ripe strawberry!

First flower on the pink rose

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