Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Lockdown Day 9 - The great escape!

My lovely Mum in law is stuck at home at the moment so when Matt went shopping spur of the moment last night he picked up some bits for her as well. I also packed up some of my chocolate cake as well to add to her shopping and then went on a mission to get some eggs and flour from a local 'fine foods' farm shop. I actually found some which was a relief and then drove on through town which was deserted. Had a lovely chat and then drove back again along such quiet roads...this is normally packed!

I noticed on my great escape this morning that a lot of the houses had rainbows in the windows so I thought we should join in! I love a bit of relaxing colouring...the dogs were all out of it 😀

It was too cold to do any gardening today so at lunchtime I went in the garden and did some go round challenges to improve the dogs distance work. I was amazed by Bru who nailed it first time!! 💛 Brooke was super clever going one way and then lost her brain a bit doing it in reverse 💚 Spark got it really quickly as well but she has done a lot more distance work cos I'm lazy!! 💜

This afternoon I took my two out for a long walk and found some footpaths I had never been on. We were out for over an hour and saw five 'households' walking but no dogs at all! Toad had the best time catching up on all the smells 💙 They also enjoyed checking out the ducks on the local pond!

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