Monday, 27 April 2020

Lockdown Day 35 - Impulse control!

News from the world outside today is that Boris is back from his time off with Coronavirus and trying to keep everyone calm as there is mounting frustration about our current lockdown situation and lack of exit strategy from the government. I wrote Impulse control as the title as I was meaning the dogs but some people need some training as well! Some countries such as Spain and Italy have started opening up a few shops and construction sites but they were locked down far more securely than us in the first place. In fact if you didn't own a dog then your had to have a pass to go off your property and even if you did have a dog you could only walk 50m from your home! Its looking at the moment that the 7th May is going to be when we find out what is going on and maybe I'll get the chance to return to work then...fingers crossed!

So taking that into account I thought that I should do some impulse control work with the dogs! Toad is a great stooge dog as he isnt too barky and exciting when he works. Bru had to stay on his piece of vetbed while Brodie did a few bits. He struggled to begin with but by building it up slowly Bru could stay on his bed while Brodie did the whole circuit! 

When I said yesterday that my blog had been going for over a decade I thought I'd have a look back and see what we were up to ten years ago. Such happy memories! We were up in Scotland competing at the Kindgom of Fife show when it was outside St Andrews (where we met at Uni!) It was little Brackens first show as a Grade 7 and Brodie's first at a Grade 4 and he won into Grade 5! This is Brax sitting with Ava the merle and Ellie who is Brodies half sister. Three small but perfect girlies ❤

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