Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Lockdown Day 36 - Bru's Birthday!

How is our beautiful little Bru puppy three years old today? 💛💛💛 He was just meant to be, it wasn't the right time for a puppy but sometimes I wonder what we would do without him! He is a cuddly, funny, crazy loving little boy and we love him to bits!

He has had a bit of a rubbish birthday to be honest bless him! Its been raining all day for the first time in weeks. The garden does need it but its cold and grey as well. So far he has had a short walk this morning and played a bit of agility in the garden at lunchtime. It was mainly to finally finish a jump skills video that I've been working on for a while! Here is the finished product below!!

I had a rare outing today to pop into a local village, get a few bits at the shop and drop off a friends birthday present. She had got us this beautiful tribute to Bracken, its on a piece of wood and is gorgeous ❤ Our hearts still ache with missing her so its lovely to have some special reminders.

An unusually deserted High Street! Co-op was letting in 8 people max at a time and had shields up for the cashiers.

Bru has spent much of the day snoozing with his Auntie Bean!

This afternoon I made some ginger cookies, they are chewy and very moreish! 

 My little helper watching me baking! He has been doing his hind end awareness exercises and looks forward to the extra bits of kibble that he gets!

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