Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Lockdown Day 15

I had almost forgotten that it is Easter this weekend! With that in mind I decided to make some Easter nests today although I have no mini eggs so had to make do with mini marshmallows for eggs. In this current crisis it wasn't worth the risk going to the shops for mini eggs. I'll look back on this in ten years and hopefully remember how strange the world was in this crisis. We are safe at home, doing lots of things that we enjoy in the sunshine but one look at the news reminds us that the world is dealing with something very serious. Boris Johnson was taken into intensive care in hospital yesterday and the news is reporting that 786 people died today from Covid-19, its so sad and is likely to get worse.

Today I decided to do some grids with the doglets, I try and do them once a month at least usually as they are one of my favourite things 😊 I set up a bendy grid to practice some rear crosses with Bru, collection from speed for Spark and just as a conditioning exercise for Brooke. I also did a zig-zag grid seeing as I have space lengthways up the garden. Its a great grid for leg changes as Spark demos, I will post the compilation from each dog!

Slightly odd Easter nests but they taste ok!

Runner beans and courgettes all growing really nicely! Hopefully we will have a good lot of veg again this year 😁

Spark can be so pretty sometimes!! 😂

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