Saturday, 18 April 2020

Lockdown Day 26 - Delivery time!

Despite being on lockdown for over three weeks now the death toll is still over 800 people per day which begs the question of whether we went into lockdown soon enough. Over 15000 people have now lost their lives from this awful virus, it is so hard to imagine. On a brighter note, Captain Tom has now raised £23 Million for the NHS!! Although the world is in a crisis at the moment, there is a feeling of everyone pulling together and the little rays of kindness and friendship are so special.

We went off to the farm shop today and managed to get eggs at the extortionate price of £2.25 for six! Only one person in the shop at a time and a socially distanced queue to get in. We then went to Matts Mum to deliver some shopping and driving through town was so weird, the queue for Sainsburys was right along the street again. It was lovely to see Matts mum face to face for a catch up, we are all so cocooned in our own houses at the moment.

Waiting my turn to get into the shop!

So nice to have Toad cuddles on the sofa this evening...unusual!

Somebody was attention seeking as there was no space on the sofa 😂 Spot Bru having a post kong snooze!

No training today but this a video from last weekends jump work, I love watching slow motion jumping! Sorry about the titles, I put them on for my clients to show the different moves.

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