Sunday, 26 April 2020

Lockdown Day 34 - Camera

We have had a very nice lazy day! After Matt cutting the lawn yesterday and me washing my jumps we decided that it was a perfect sunny day to take some action photos of the doglets in the garden. A few of you may know that Sparkle has a paralysing fear of cameras, both the sight and sound of them and we have managed to work through a lot of her issues but still a way to go. She was funny as when Matt got his camera out she immediately went to nose touch it which is what I was teaching her last time...good memory Sparkalina!

I worked them one at a time while Matt took pics so hopefully we'll be able to sort through and post some on here soon! This is the whole gang waiting for their turn in front of the camera! 

This afternoon we played an online pub quiz with Matts Mum! Thanks to my lovely Mum and super sister who have been playing on thursday evenings and we joined in this week (I had already blogged on thursday so forgot to mention it!) We are looking forward to playing with them again this week and potentially doing it as a zoom call! Love a pub quiz! 😁🍻

On a random note (and because this blog has basically existed for a decade as my diary) I wanted to post this photo of Toad, he has been standing quite 'under himself' this week and I'm worried that despite his decent walks (mostly an hour a day plus) he has been losing some condition around his back end. I would usually see my great vet physio but that isn't possible due to Coronavirus so I have decided to try doing some little hind end exercises each day to see if it helps.

So the first thing today was standing back feet on something which he is used to but I was surprised how unsure he seemed about stepping up so tomorrow I'll use something wider and lower.

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