Sunday, 19 April 2020

Lockdown Day 27 - Wigwams

Today was mostly a garden sort of day! That might explain why the blog is late as we are really tired after a busy day! We had a long walk this morning and didn't see many people at all, the sun was out and it was so peaceful apart from a DHL plane flying into Luton airport. This time of year on a Sunday we would be having quite regular planes but its eerily quiet at the moment. I love walking past this tree, it is so pretty

After brekkie we went into the garden and dug over the remaining weedy bit of veg bed and planted some of our runner beans and made wigwams for them to grow up! 

My handsome Toad helping!

Shelties in front of the wigwams!

The other job we did was painting the other patio table, it is a smaller table but still took forever. This is what Bru thinks of garden jobs!!

Matt then managed to smash my bowling score!! Such a shame that he didn't get the 12 strikes!

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