Monday, 20 April 2020

Lockdown Day 28 - Bluebells

I spent the early part of the morning waging war on some weeds and ivy in the garden and also had a surprise phone call from one of my lovely Monday morning clients, it was fantastic to catch up! I really miss seeing all my clients (and their dogs obviously!) and I love hearing how they are getting on with their 'homework'!

Our poor Bay tree has been taken over and it was hard work sorting this lot out!

My faithful little helper always near!

This afternoon Matt took Bru for a solo walk and I took Spark off for a walk to Badgerdell woods which is one of my favourite walks. I have never walked there at bluebell time of year and was like a kid in a sweet shop when I went into the woods! Obviously that meant that poor Sparkalina had to do some serious posing 😂 We will have to go back there with the shelties!

After our walk I went back to attacking the Bay tree pot! I have had to leave some of the Ivy in there but its much better than it was. 

My helper was back on hand to help me with the garden! Brooke also did some weave entries so its on my jobs list to edit the clips!

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