Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Lockdown Day 22 - Trick training

Matt is back to work today (upstairs!) so I'm back to feeling guilty about not working. It has been nice having a few days together and doing the sort of things we would have been doing anyway on Easter weekend (apart from an agility show which we were very sad about missing) The weather has been nice again today so we had a sunny walk at lunchtime and I have been doing some garden jobs and trick training this afternoon. Some old tricks, some new and some half finished 😁 Bru's biggest trick was learning to sit and wait while Brodie did some work with me...he surprised me and managed it! Excuse my pink crocs haha!!

All waiting to have their photo taken 💜💚💙💛

And the moment they are released...look at the boys tongues!! 

Bean and Bru checking on our courgettes and runner beans that we put out to sunbathe!

Had a tidy up in the dog room while the plants were outside, its still a bit of a mess but we are really pleased with our tomato planter! 

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