Friday, 24 April 2020

Lockdown Day 32 - Sunburn!

I painted the patio chairs today and manged to get sunburn on my leg! It wasn't supposed to be as hot today but it must have been. I managed to do one coat on all of the chairs and it seemed to take forever! However it was peaceful and the doglets all slept in the garden while I was painting. I have had a couple more flowers appear and they are so pretty!

At lunchtime we did some agility as hadn't done any for a while, the gingers did weaves entries and Spark did some verbal work for a video I'm editing for is a clip

Mid chair painting, two down and two to go!

Spark got to come out and clap for the NHS last night, she was very confused about why no one was talking to her...I was trying to take her photo mid wiggle! 

On our walk today...just to prove my legs were out in public!!

Bean being the leader! 

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