Saturday, 4 April 2020

Lockdown Day 12

Spark loves waiting to pounce on the TV when its paused...Matt decided to put a little 'fez' on her head 😂 She managed to keep it there for at least a minute!

Today was mainly about sorting out some bits in the garden, sorting out our seedlings and weeding our veg bed

This afternoon we went out for an hour walk and it was so lovely and sunny! (Bru didn't fit in the pic!)  We didn't want to go to any busy places so we stuck to some quiet lanes and paths through the woods

When we got back from our walk Matt had a go at my Agility 'course' in the garden, he needs to practice flat weave entries but the rest was very good! 💛

And just for a giggle, a video of Bru's reaction to Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street...he has always done this and it makes us laugh so much!! 

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