Thursday, 16 April 2020

Lockdown Day 24 - Weavies!

I had a not productive and fairly sorry for myself morning, my back is hurting a bit (I normally see an osteopath every 5 weeks) and I'm really missing Bracken, work and seeing people. I really have nothing to moan about and I'm generally an optimistic person but the thought of weeks without work is depressing. They are due to announce the extension on the lockdown period today, we are expecting at least another three weeks. On a brighter note and enough to give anyone a kick up the bum...Captain Tom has now raised £14.4 million!! He deserves a knighthood and to meet the Queen after all his efforts! To think that his family thought they wouldn't get to a thousand pounds!

We decided to walk to our local farm shop today at lunchtime with the dogs and when we arrived there was a huge queue so we turned round and walked home! Still it was a nice 50 minute walk and very sunny again. I took some photos last night of our Japanese maples which are coming back to life nicely after winter, I love the shape of the leave and the colours!

The rose on the right is a gift from our friend Helen on Brackens passing, it should be a lovely yellow colour and its called golden memories which is very appropriate. Such a lovely gift ❤

We ate our first garden produce yesterday with in our lentil curry for dinner...beetroot and spinach leaves. Only a few but very tasty!

We have been worried about Mr Toad a bit this week as he seems to be reluctant to drop his head to eat, we found something to put his bowl on and he tucked in better. I'm going to use the biomag on him (although he isn't a fan!) and get him checked over once lockdown is over. I have a feeling someone has been chasing too many birds up the garden...

I have been trying to do one weave session a week with Bru and Spark to keep them ticking over and today we tested weave entries and discrimination. They were mostly very good! Flat entries were weaker for both of them and they are a nemesis for Brooke bean so I'm going to go back to entry work with all three of them

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