Saturday, 11 April 2020

Lockdown Day 19 - Toilet rolls

When the Coronavirus first started spreading in Britain and we heard about other countries making people stay at home there was mass toilet roll panic buying and many shops sold out. It has spawned a few toilet roll videos on Facebook and Brooke and Bru's breeder thought we should all do one 😂 I can't copy the whole thing which is hilarious but here is one our outtakes!

My first tulip has made an appearance!

The 'helpers' ready to help with the table painting! Not a very exciting post today as it seems to have taken most of the day painting the table!

The shelties were too helpful so they got banished!! 

Spark was too hot to be helpful but did like lying in the shade of the table

Job done eventually!! Seemed to take forever but we had a cuppa to celebrate and a game of Molkky!

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