Monday, 13 April 2020

Lockdown Day 21 - Three weeks done

So tonight marks three weeks since the Lockdown started. No news saying it will be lifted so assuming that we will have several weeks of it yet before they start to ease the restrictions. I saw this on facebook and am going to post it here as a record of what is going on but also the message at the end is so true...we shouldn't take normality for granted, there is so much I should appreciate more on a daily basis. Plus I have realised what I currently have and how important it, Matthew, family, friends and of course our goofy doglets 💕




On a more positive note we have been sorting out a vegetable bed, catching up with family and doing some jump work with the dogs. As a result they have slept well all evening!!!

I haven't edited videos yet but here is Brooke Bean practising a 'flind' I made Matt handle it as they make me dizzy!!

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