Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Lockdown Day 8...A week since I drove anywhere!

So we have made it over a week without going too crazy (although that may be up for debate!) I have been missing driving more than I thought I would as I spend quite a bit of time driving to work and various workshops and shows. On the plus side the gardening is being done, Matt and I are getting to see loads of each other which is lovely and the dogs are very happy with all the fun homework they have 😁

We will have to brave the shops in the next day or two as I need milk and we are running out of a few essentials. If someone had told me in January that the thought of shopping would make me feel anxious by March I would have thought they were joking! I'm not keen to be around people and I am not the biggest fan of shopping anyway so Matt often does it. I don't want him going either to be honest but needs must!

Anyway, enough negative rambling! Here are some pics from today and one of the new tricks we are working on...close the door. Spark is a pushy lump so got it straight away, Brooke tried to nose touch my phone and then started to work it out, Bru was nose touching the target well but not hard enough and Brodie was being very polite!

Todays baking, vegan chocolate cake (with not vegan topping!)

A rare selfie of me (yes I'm squinting as its nice and sunny and yes my hair is far too long 😂)

And finally sorted out the winter rosettes and added them to last seasons collection, they may as well stay up there now as it doesn't look like we'll be having many shows this year sadly.

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