Saturday, 28 March 2020

Lockdown Day 5

Luckily today didn't feel too much like a lockdown day as its the weekend! I have been struggling with being at home not working while Matt is working away upstairs. I feel guilty that I'm not earning money but hearing from the chancellor that we will get some money back has made me feel a bit better. Now to decide whether to volunteer for the NHS or not as I'm still tempted. The news yesterday was that Boris Johnson and Matt Handcock (health sec) both have tested positive for Coronavirus. To be honest I was amazed they were all standing so close at press conferences in the last couple of weeks! 

Anyway, today has consisted of toasted waffles with poached eggs for brekkie (although we are running out of eggs now and they seem in short supply in our village and we can't travel anywhere unless absolutely essential) and a pavement walk with the doglets. Matt then found our Wii so we had a Wii Sports challenge!! I managed to beat him at bowling but he kicked my butt at everything else!! 😂

The doglets had a shortish walk (about 30 mins) on lead as I want to get them used to lead walks and garden time if we get further restrictons. Spark did threadle wraps in the garden yesterday so today was the gingers turn to do some jump work. Bru did a jump challenge which I haven't edited yet and Brooke helped me film a flick away video for my agility club. They are all tired now! Even Toad is a sofa boy tonight 💙

Spark made me laugh earlier, she tries so hard to make us play with her...these are a few of her ploys to convince us!! 

Step 1- Puppy dog eyes

Step 2 - Cute rolling around

Step 3 - Crazy face! 

Step 4 - I've stolen your slipper and what are you going to do about it...

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