Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Lockdown Day 1

So I thought seeing as I was at home for the next three weeks at least I would keep a diary so one day I can look back and remember what a crazy and scary time this was. Also Hi Mum and Amy as you are the only people that generally read my ramblings!! It certainly makes me even more grateful for what I have when I see people struggling with this awful virus. At the present, the Coronavirus is so widely spread that PM Boris Johnson has effectively put us into Lockdown with people being told to work from home and not travel unless essential. Therefore as of today I am unemployed like many of my friends. I'm hoping that the government realise that us self employed and those on zero hours contracts will need help as well.

So to start with I was a bit naughty this morning and whizzed off to my field to pick up a couple of jumps so I could do some stuff in the garden with the dogs at some stage. The roads seemed really busy considering its supposed to be essential travel only. I sat this morning with a cuppa and wrote a list...I have always had a routine, love to be busy and struggle without a schedule. I haven't had three weeks off work for decades so thought the list would focus me a bit! The sun was out today so it was nice to get into the garden and do some jobs in the sun, I'm so relieved that we now have a garden!!  We have a lot of flowers coming out that I don't remember planting 😂

I did some weeding and Matt came out at lunchtime and we put our little greenhouse up. We figured that if we are able to grow as much veg as last year it will save us shopping as much.

I also wrote down some recipes for some baking that I want to do, this afternoon I made Dairy free brownies which smell amazing (currently in oven!) 

 We got a lovely card from the vets today which was so moving. This possibly needs a tissue warning but I wanted to put it on here ❤

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