Friday, 27 March 2020

Lockdown Day 4

I was very chilled today, I didn't get out of my PJ's until midday! I had a chat with both our Mums which was lovely and then did some free work with the dogs, they have never done this before and it was really interesting watching them. Its giving them a novel environment to explore with different surfaces, objects and treats. Bru went at everything like a flea in a fit, Spark was fast but quite methodical, Brooke took everything really steady and Brodie lacked confidence to even leave me and explore. To be fair to him he only is on one type of food due to his pancreatitis so it probably wasn't as appealing! The video is quite long and possibly boring but if you have nothing better to do then here are bits from each dog 😂

I did more weeding this afternoon and actually got some washing dry outside! Late afternoon we went for our one lockdown walk and it was really busy...we obviously picked a bad time as there were families and dogs all over the place. Luckily we did get some peace and quiet to let the dogs have a good run and the weather was beautiful again. Here are a few pics!

The boys are always getting left behind!!

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