Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Lockdown Day 2

Congratulations if you are bored enough to be reading this! The sun is still shining here and I even did some gardening in my t-shirt! We started today with a long pavement walk as the fields behind us were mobbed with people. Our plan is to get up super early tomorrow morning and see if we can get out before all the numpties with rude dogs! While I was gardening I couldn't believe the numbers of people on the narrow footpath at the back of our garden, it was busier than it has ever been!!

The dogs have taken to their new routine (or lack of routine!) very well. I realised yesterday that with all the time in the garden they hadn't actually slept as much as usual and were shattered. So sad as it sounds after we all had lunch in the garden I left them upstairs with Matt to snooze! I also don't want them to be too dependent on one of us.

Apart from planting Kale and plant seeds I did some weeding and baked some oat cookies with coconut oil instead of butter. They smell good but haven't tried one yet! Today I did some cavaletti with the doglets and was very pleased to find my garden fence was the perfect support and spacer for my poles 😁

 I also did some straight line grids with the three younger dogs and some hoops with Toad, here is a little video. Brooke needs to revisit this as I think her spacing needs to be much tighter than Brus on the progressive bounce grid!

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