Sunday, 5 June 2011

WAO videos finally!

We have finally got round to putting our videos on the computer! We also are now on U Tube - Burdettshelties :)

Matthew and Brax in round 1 of the Individual Pentathalon. Shame about the weave entry, they ended up 9th in this round.

Pentathalon Round 2, Brax loved this course and they were 5th. You can tell how much she enjoys the wider weave pole spacings. You'll have to excuse the shaking - I was VERY nervous watching them!!

Pentathalon Round 3, Brax's first course in the main arena. She loved the atmosphere and the cheering! She came 3rd in this round so they got on the podium!

Pentathalon Round 4, Brax started a bit slow but still managed to come 4th.

Pentathalon Round 5 - Speedstakes. She went like a rocket to start with!! Shame about the contact and then she missed a jump resulting in elimination. She was very excited by such a large crowd!!

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