Saturday, 11 June 2011

Brooke 12 weeks

Lil Brooke pup has had a very exciting week! I had been asked to do a dog trick training demo at a local hospice and although only Brax had been before, I thought I would risk taking all three shelties. Brooke came out for the first 5 mins of my demo and demonstrated how even young dogs can learn so easily if you make it exciting and rewarding for them. I admit that I had no idea how she would react to being in a room full of strangers watching her but wow did she impress me!!! She happily demonstrated sit, down, roll, paw and putting her feet on her little box (her new fav trick!) and she was incredibly focused on me the whole time. What a proud Sheltie Mum I am! :D She then got to sit on everyones lap for a hug before falling asleep in her crate while the older two did their bit. Brooke made a lot of very poorly people happy - animals are amazing therapy.

Yesterday she came with me to a friends house for a takeaway/DVD night. She met the three resident terriers, guinea pigs and cats and behaved herself really well apart from falling asleep on the sofa and try to stretch out and push us off!!

Today we went to the common for a play and this afternoon we went to a Discovery Day on a local common which also had a fun dog show. We thought it would be a good opportunity to socialise Brooke with other dogs without Brodie and Brax being there.

Brodie thinks that puppies are tiring!!


  1. Oooooh clever little girlie! We are so proud of her! Love the picture of Brodie with his pink pillow :)

  2. Awww bless her! Dogs are so therapeutic! Yes Brodie is in touch with his feminine side :)

  3. Lovely to meet Brooke yesterday, she is absolutely delightful. I look forward to seeing her grow and develop.