Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hinckley Videos

We have never been to Hinckley show before and it was a really nice size (five rings) and you could see all the best handlers working their dogs. I love watching great partnerships working a tricky course, its so interesting seeing how people approach different courses.

It was Brodie and my secong attempt at Champ and he did me proud getting clear rounds in both the jumping and agility rounds so we made it to the FINAL!!! Thats one ambition ticked off the list :D
Brax also went clear in both rounds so both shelties were in the final!

The jumping was a fairly flowing course and it ran really well - here is Brax strutting her stuff on the champ jumping course

In the agility round I walked the course and liked it apart from the turns off all three contacts. I wasn't sure that I could turn Brodie after his running contacts round the back of the jumps after the dog walk and Aframe. It was messy but we went clear and I'm pleased with how he worked

In the final, Brax went like a rocket and then missed the second weave pole :( It was a shame as there was only about three or four clears in the small. We are delighted that Amy Lawson won her third ticket with Fudge making her Ag Ch Millieon To One. Sheltie power!!
Brodie ran a bit slow in the final but went clear bless him. It was the first time for ages that he has been in a ring with such a big crowd watching and I know that nerves affect both of us. I handled like an idiot as my legs felt like jelly! There is a moment before he goes into the weaves that he almost stares at the judge but he got his brain in gear after that! Unlike smalls, there was loads of fast clears in medium and it was won by Tasha and amazing Dizzy.

One thing we did notice was that both our dogs struggled with the see saw a bit. Not sure whether it was lack of rubber contacts or a different weight.

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  1. Well done! Look forward to seeing both handlers & dogs in the Champ final in Scotland!