Monday, 29 September 2014

Brooke goes Grade 7!

We had one day at Nedlo this weekend and all four dogs were running again. The weather was really weird-really cloudy and not very warm in the morning-baking hot and sun cream weather at lunch time and then back to cold and cloudy in the afternoon. Brooke was the first to run in G4-7 agility and ran beautifully but had a pole down. Same thing in the C6-7 jumping, fastest time by a second but a pole down. Matthew didn't mind that too much as it was little Bracken that won it!! She managed to keep the poles up in the G5-7 agility and was the fastest time over all grades, making her Grade 7!!! I am so proud of her and Matthew as he has worked so hard with her and not rushing her and letting her grow in confidence has paid off this year. She loves her agility and I am so excited about seeing her in champ next year! The gingers got very pretty pink medals for their sofa picture!!

Brodie ran in agility and jumping. His jumping run was lovely and he finished 4th (only placed to two) we really had a blast! He was a cheeky boy in the agility and we got E'd on number 2 from pure excitment!! He does make me giggle :-D My little Sparkler only had one run and it was at the end of the day. The start was a tyre and she would just not wait! I turned into one of those people that take the whotsits resetting their dog about ten times. I was really pleased with her work on the course-lovely flick into a tunnel on a rear cross, really good wing wrap and her first cloth tunnel in the ring! Big grown up girl now!

My two had a busy day on Wednesday visiting a local hospice to do some tricks for the patients and have cuddles. They were brilliant and everyone enjoyed watching them. Sparkle got a round of applause for fetching slippers on command! Here she is waiting for her turn.

We have had beautiful Bailey to stay with us and he fits in so well with our guys. He is a real pleasure to look after and soooo handsome!

This is after being out at the show on Saturday!!

I promised to send Sarah a video of her lovely ex racer Tom playing in my field and unfortunately my phone won't attach it to an email so thought I'd pop it on here instead!! Hope you don't mind Sarah but I just love watching him bounding around!!

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