Monday, 1 September 2014

Photo catch up!

My new phone has not wanted to 'talk' to the laptop so thanks to my lovely hubby I have finally managed to get some pics off my phone to put on the blog! This one is blurry but I just love the fact it is full of happy shelties! Brodie and his little brother Sizzle are so alike trotting along at the back with their tails up!

I love this one of Miss Sparkle looking so regal! It shows how pink her paw pads still are as well.

When Matthew works in the spare room, the gingers curl up on their cushions by his chair-they are so cute! This photo really shows the difference between golden and shaded sable for all of the colour nerds out there like me!

This was one of those lucky snapshots I took of my two being happy little numpties in the field! Sparkle doing her froggy legs in the clover to cool off after running and Mr Toad having a lovely roll around!

Sunny day training! Miss Sparkle won't be doing agility in the ring for competition this year but her contact training is coming on nicely :-) 

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