Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Agility Nuts and busy week!

The sofa picture this week belongs to the sable ladies!! They had a good time at Agility Nuts show. Brooke won G6 jumping class and came 2nd in G6 agility with a missed Aframe (it was hard as Matt had to hold back and she didn't get drive on as much as he thought she would) Fastest time though so yet again an Aframe has stood between Brooke getting her last win for G7! Brax totally blew our brains though-did a lovely run in a C6-7 jumping going clear and was shocked that she won it!! There was some good young dogs in it including one of Brookes sisters and it wasn't even the sort of twisty course that Brax normally does well on. I haven't got the videos off the camera yet but will post here when I do. My guys did well-Brodie was E'd on the same course as I sent him into the wrong end of the tunnel-bad mummy! Sparkly was a wee star in her first C3-5 getting the weaves but being E'd with a wrong end of tunnel (uh oh...spot a theme!!)

We have had nice weather this week so here are some of the things we have been up to!

Lots of playing in the field :-) I love Brodies paw pads in this picture!

Beautiful pair-what gorgeous puppies they are going to have-excited!!!

Lots of lovely long walks in the sunshine! Spark can just about play with a full size tennis ball now-she is a little dink!

Weekly trip to the bank-the doglets love coming too!

Have a few training demos coming up so I have finally got round to teaching Sparkly to 'be a bear'!!

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