Wednesday, 8 October 2014


They are going over a bit now but I got given a lovely bunch of flowers and a card by one of my clients for helping her with her dog. It was a lovely surprise and to be honest the hard work is down to her for her dedication in doing homework and keeping positive with her dog despite him giving her grief occasionally! I really enjoy my job so much no matter what the weather (it has rained a lot this week!) I love working with any dog handler combination as long as they are keen to learn and enjoy teaching young dog, beginners right through to Grade 7's. I learnt a while ago that life is too short to carry on with something that makes you frustrated and unhappy, no matter what security it may offer. We are only here once and life is too short to be miserable! A positive outlook on life is so much more healthy and I have got to the age/stage where I find negative people pretty draining to be around. A friend put this on Facebook and it is so true.

This little boy is Mr Positive personified!! This is him in my 'throw my ball pose!'

It rained all day Monday so I did lots of balance and coordination work with my lot-here is the obligatory posing picture! 

Sparkle has been a bit cheeky with her waits around agility equipment recently. I have been practicing lots and I love this picture of my two-they look so regal!! It also shows that even next to a medium jump, Spark can only just see over the pole and Brodie is sitting up really tall for a change :-)

And a cute picture of Brooke having snuggles with Matthew, bless her!

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