Thursday, 30 October 2014

A day in the life of little diddly Brax

My name is Bracken and I am the most important of all the Burdett doglets. I am the oldest and boss the others around! This picture wasn't taken today but I look pretty here after my pamper session at Auntie Jenni's. I am possibly one of the smallest shelties in Britain as I am only 11" tall but Mum and Dad say I make up for it by having something called attitude!

My Mummy was away in Scotland over the weekend visiting my Nanna and Auntie Amy and their dog Tresca. I love seeing my Nanna and like to scrabble my paws on her feet. Here they are in Aberdeen doing one of the favourite human things, drinking coffee and blethering! 

Nanna plays hand bells and my Mummy went to watch the Cushnie handbell ringers at a rally in Inverness-look at how much Nanna is concentrating :-)

 Normally if my Daddy is at home working, my favourite thing is to sleep on my special cushion by his chair and Brooke (my fellow ginger) sleeps under his chair. In this picture the stupid collie got in the way-grrrr.

Sometimes even if Daddy is at home, I go out with Mummy for the day and help her train dogs or go on her walks. Today was a training day and Brodie and I were more than happy to have a go on the balance equipment. It keeps me fit and healthy even if I am not very coordinated!

This afternoon we went to a local hospice to entertain some of the people. I love going as they drop cake crumbs and I like hoovering them up-yummy! I love showing off my tricks and getting fuss.

We then went to the bank and waited beautifully while the humans do the boring stuff!

After such a busy day I had to put my feet up for a snooze! Love Brax x

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