Monday, 10 November 2014

Shelties Love Agility!

As Matthew and I are on the ESSC Working Section committee we help to run the Sheltie Agility Show which was at the Dog Barn in Banbury this year. Lian did a great job as show secretary and sheltie owners are so nice and really helped us keeping the ring running smoothly. The shelties entered ranged from newbies at their first show up to Grade 7's and there were some amazing dogs entered! Watching them really sums up how almost feline shelties can be. I don't mean it in an offensive way for anyone who is anti cat but anyone who has a sheltie will understand what I mean! They are so agile when they move and jump, very dainty and effortless to watch. (Most shelties clean themselves like cats if they are dirty as well!)

Only Brodie was entered and he only did pairs with his best mate Rommy. Rommy was foot perfect but Brodie was bonkers and did a tunnel send to the other side of the ring by accident...he had great fun though and definitely made everyone laugh! Our judge Marie Douglas was lovely and set such well pitched courses :-)

Kevin Hicks was there with his camera and got some lovely pics of three of ours-poor Brooke was in season so had a very dull day being taken for short walks up the road and back. And she missed out on her photo being taken-her second favourite thing to agility!

Here is my most gorgeous boy-I just love this photo!

And little Brax

Here is a funny pic that Kevin got of me and Sparkle! She was an honorary sheltie for the day (she thinks she is one anyway!)

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