Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Matthew and I are having a lovely week off off work. For a few reason decided not to go anywhere but instead we thought we would stay at home and spend some time doing things we enjoy and going for some nice dog walks locally. The weather has been kind to us so far and hope it continues!

Here are some photos from our long walk yesterday-this is the track 5 mins from our place. We are lucky!

Brooke showing off her lovely heelwork :-)

Three shelties in a row!

Stopped for a sniff

Also shot a very cute video of Brodie and Brooke in the field this week. I love Brodies cheeky face at the end of this! Brooke and Brax have both had 4 weeks off doing agility so Brooke was very excited! Brodie will have his agility break over Christmas and Sparkle will have hers when she comes into season. Its nice for them all to have some agility down time

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