Monday, 30 September 2013

A week in the life of Sparkle (aged 8 months)

Hi I'm Sparkle and I thought I'd tell you what I did last week. One of my favourite places is Mum's field - I am a VIP (very important puppy) as I help her set all the equipment out and also keep the field clear of stupid crane flies. This is me catching flies while my big sister Brooke sneaks up behind me, she is very cheeky!

This is me with the rest of my doggy family - Mum calls them shelties. My ears are like sheltie ears so I must be one too, right?!

This is me and my oldest sister Bracken at a fun place called Heartwood. It is lots and lots of fields and woods and I can just run and run :)

We go into St Albans on Saturdays when we don't go to agility parties. My Mum and Dad love having something called coffee so I have to wait around while they sit down - boring!! Last time we went it was cold so they hugged me to warm up - I am very snuggly. This is me and Dad.

I love this lady! She is called my Nanna and she lives in a very far away place called Scotland. She visited me last weekend and I just love snuggling with her on the sofa with my hoof. Here (Mum says if you click on a mouse(?!) you can make the picture bigger) you can see we are having a serious chat.

Sometimes I actually stop running around - here I am with my brother Brodie. He is the best big brother but I think I annoy him sometimes. This is me after my class on Wednesday at Auntie Anna's. We were doing something called heelwork, it was good fun but very tiring! I am very good about letting Auntie Anna hold me now - I can reverse my back feet onto her lap for a sweetie - lots of people laugh at me but its cos I am so clever I think!

When I am really tired I have to sleep with all my feet in the air-its tough being a puppy.

I get to play in Mum's field lots - this is me and one of my toys. I could play all day!

I also like balancing on things and take this very seriously. If my brother and sisters try and join in, I push them off!

Sometimes its nice to have a nap here, it is very comfortable.

We went to an agility party this weekend and although I get to watch and play I can't wait until I can join in! I have been learning little bits at Uncle Dan's field where I have my weekly lesson. I have some good friends in my lesson and I love running around and doing tunnels. 

Brodie and Brooke are very clever - I want to be like them when I grow up. Mum says that Brodie won Grade 7 jumping and agility and Brooke won G4 jumping - wow look at those pink medals. One day I want to win one!!

 Yesterday Mum and Dad took us into Harpenden to do something called food shopping. I like watching people walking past and enticing them to speak to me by staring at them - I am very good at this game of 'catch the human'!

This is me and one of my other favourite toys - I like to carry this round the house all the time, it is funny as I drop it and let Brooke think she can get it and then grab it again - haha!! 

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  1. Oh what a life you have Sparkle :) you're one lucky dog! Well done Brodie and Brooke! One day you will be taking part in the agility parties too :)